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Greg/Hodges CSI community
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This is a community for Greg/Hodges, Hodges/Greg, Greg/Hodges/Whoever, etc. Bonus points for Greg/Hodges/OtherLabTech.

You may post fic, icons, fanart, episode quotes, random speculation, really random thoughts, whatever. If the community actually gets significant traffic, these rules may have to be tailored a bit, but for now, expect things to be a bit, well, random.

Any ficlet over, say, 200 words, throw behind an lj-cut. Same goes for sexually explicit material and the like. Warnings for the things you should warn against, unless it's Nick Stokes character death, because there's a bit of a history of not warning against that. Heh.

Your moderator here is minttown1, as she has the time and -- for reasons escaping her understanding -- the desire to maintain this community.

Join, post, comment, enjoy.

The community's current default icon was created by small_potatoes_. Much gratitude for creating lovely icons and making them available to the larger livejournal community.